Mountains, Fresh Air and Nuremberg

It has been a long, long time since I last visited Switzerland.  In fact, If I recall correctly, my last visit was an overnight stop en-route to trek the GR20 in Corsica.

When we lived in Scotland my wife and I took every opportunity to get out to the countryside and onto the hills.  Now that we are located in the middle of Europe we decided it was time to get back out there, so we invested in a new Camper.

Let the adventures begin……….first stop, the Swiss Alps.  2000km in 4 days!!

Zermatt – Gateway to The Matterhorn

Grindelwald . The Eiger 

Nuremberg – Reichsparteigelande

On the way home we decided to stop of in Nuremberg, Home of the Reichsparteigelande (Nazi Party Rally Grounds), amongst other things.  The Nazi era is obviously a dark time in German history and something the country is not proud of.  I was however disappointed that such an important place in world history, the Rally Grounds had fallen into a state of dis-repair.

Next stop Austria.

SMP Photographs


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