Road Trip – Austria & Italy

I try to keep these posts short but I thought I would expand things a bit with this one in case anyone finds the info useful.

We headed out on another road trip to the Alps.  In the search for a bit of sunshine we decided Italy may be a safer bet so we tracked 600km South and headed for Austria.

Road tolls are a fact of life in this area and in the main they are fairly priced.  Italian tolls vary in cost and can soon mount up if you continually use the motorways.  We travelled to Trieste via Bolzano (500km) and were surprised at the cost, so remember to factor this into your budget.

We parked up for 2 nights in Parcheggio, located around 5km from Trieste.  A quiet public car park overlooking the Marina with specific areas for campers.  Plenty of restaurants and takeaways in the area and a lot less congested than the city.  Although there were only a few other campers parked up, it was not high season and I would expect it to get a lot busier during Summer.  An hour by foot to get to Trieste.

Heading to Venice, we decided to use the regional roads.  The distance was pretty much the same but took an hour longer.  This route took us through many small towns and villages which we would otherwise have missed plus there are no tolls!

Getting to Venice can be quite daunting, for a start where do you park?  The Parking signs start from about 10km outside Venice, many offering a shuttle service.  We opted to get as close as possible and used Interparking Venezia.  Not cheap, but there is plenty of space for campers and coaches.

How do you get to Venice?  By water taxi, and there are plenty of them.  Tickets are available from the indoor parking office and the boat trip to the centre of Venice takes around 20 minutes.  Plenty of photo opportunities on the way

One point to note. We were not allowed on the water taxi with our dogs unless they were muzzled.  It would appear this is Italian law for any dogs travelling on public transport.  Fortunately muzzles are available from some of the market stalls beside the camper parking area.  Remember to haggle! We paid €10.00 for two.

Trieste (IT) – Parcheggio, Public car park, free at weekends, no camper services, 5km from Trieste centre

Venice (IT) – Interparking Venezia, commercial tourist parking area, €21.00 (up to 24 hours), no camper services

Chioggia (IT) – Park Arena, public car park, €15.00 p/n, no camper services

Udine (IT) – Parcheggio Scambiatore, Public car park, free, campers services (water & chem only)

Faaker See (AT) – Camping Poglitsch, €25.00 p/n (incl 2 dogs, electric etc), great site & friendly staff

Garmisch-Partenkirchen (DE) – Alpencamp am Wank, €12.00, public car park, full camper services available (at cost)


Swiss tolls €35.00 (valid 1 year, Jan to Jan)

Austrian tolls €8.50 (valid 10 days)

Brenner Pass €9.00 (each way)

Bolzano via Brenner Pass €5.90

Bolzano to Trieste via Autostrada €30.90


Water taxi €12.50 (day ticket)

Muzzle €5.00!!

Unfortunately the weather turned so we cut this trip short.  All in, a great week and a fantastic experience.  Let’s do it again!

SMP Photographs


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