Road Trip – Belgium & Holland

My wife had wanted to visit Brügge in Belgium for a while so we headed out on a mini road trip.  To keep the initial journey short we stopped off in Arnhem (NL), a place I had wanted to visit for a while.  Most famous for the John Frost Bridge that spans the lower Rhine and the towns part in Operation Market Garden during WW2.

There are camper parking with facilities available along the riverside a short distance from the bridge. Payment is made via a telephone system of that looked overly complicated, I’m not even sure of the exact cost.  We opted for the easier option and parked on the road next to the camper stop.  Quiet enough, plenty of space and free of charge.

A couple of hours down the road and we were in Brügge (Bruges).  Waffles, Beer and Chocolate spring to mind when I think of Belgium, The movie ‘In Bruges’ spring to mind when I think of Brügge!  I am sure there is a lot more to the place so if you are Belgian, please don’t be upset with me!  A great medieval town, worth a visit.

We used the camper stop located about a 20 minute walk from the town centre.  Ideal location with plenty of eateries within walking distance but at €25.00, even if it does include an electrical hook up, it was a bit steep.  Water and waste disposal are also available.

For our final stop I literally Googled ‘best place to see Windmills’!  Kinderdijk was the result.

The main street is full of signs prohibiting parking, particularly in a Camper.  After driving through the town a couple of times we pulled over and a friendly local stopped to chat with us.  He explained because the area is a UNESCO site, development in the area is restricted resulting in parking being a major issue. He pointed us to a car park on an industrial site (large IHC logo on the building) which I am not convinced was strictly open to the public, but there seemed to be a lot of visitors parking there.  There are two entrances to this car park, one has a height barrier but the entrance near the industrial site doesn’t. We were the only Camper and I’m assuming that parking there during the working week may a bit more problematic.

What a great place though.  Entrance is free and definitely worth a visit.

SMP Photographs


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